Until recently, there were four high-rise flats in Bleijerheide (Kerkrade, The Netherlands). The first flat, flat A, was demolished a few years ago. The three remaining flats, property of HEEMwonen, are being rigorously transformed as part of the IBA Parkstad project ‘SUPERLOCAL’.

In the summer of 2016 two researchers from Dear Hunter stayed in one of the flats. They have moved into the neighborhood and have combed the environment, always with a glimpse of the flats. Sometimes from very close, sometimes from miles away. The purpose of this search was to meet people, people who have a view of the flats from their homes, sometimes from very close and sometimes far away, but always literally present in their daily lives. 18 meetings took place, each with an informal conversation on location. The interpretation of these conversations offers a surprising perspective on the flats, provides unambiguous insights into how they have been experienced in the past 50 years and provides guidelines for future development of the flats and the area around it, both spatially and socially.

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Hunting ground: Kerkrade (NL)
Hunting period: summer 2016
Client: HEEMwonen