Place Jean Jaurès & Place Gilles Gérard, Herstal

This project comprises spatial-anthropological surveys on the use of Place Jean Jaurès (Herstal-centre) and Place Gilles Gérard (Herstal-Vottem). As a result of the survey, we delivered proposals for the improvement of them. In order to be fully immersed on location, we have been living and working on site, spending about six weeks on each of the locations, just like in almost all our other projects,.

The survey in Herstal is being regarded as an extension of – and critical reflection on – the Herstal city centre masterplan, as being developed by Pluris.


Two maps that offer an extensive and detailed insight in both locations, but also on their relation with the surroundings. Moreover, questions and possible answers on the identity of Herstal and the manifestations of it on the squares and elsewhere are accompanied by recommendations on how to deal with issues on urban planning and the renovation of both squares.


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Hunting ground: Herstal (B)
Hunting period: 2018
Client: Ville de Herstal