Welcome to the Institute of Cartopology!

 The Institute of Cartopology is a fall-out base for cartopologists. Cartopologists are incessantly searching for how and where the everyday life takes place. They are mapmakers and draughtsmen who choose to stay on the research location in order to map the everyday reality. On location (linked to anthropology) they bring into view what first seemed invisible by drawing maps (linked to cartography), namely, the daily routines of a place. The Institute of Cartopology supports cartopologists in undertaking expeditions through knowledge development, network building and knowledge sharing. This online platform is set up to archive, activate but for mostly to share knowledge about Cartopology.

Cartopology is a mapping practice that originated from the ambition to be able to document the ‘everyday’ ‘spatially’. The ‘everyday’ takes place. Cartopology, however, tries to understand the ‘everyday’ by exploring the environment where the everyday reality takes place. Place refers to the physical and tangible locality and materiality of a location. For catopologists, place is where you as a or more persons can reside. It can be a city, street, contingent or living room. As such cartopologist are not bound to a scale. The relation between that place and persons ‘on the spot’ in the ‘everyday’ is what cartopologists find fascinating.

Cartopology questions the role of ‘place’ in ‘the everyday’ and the role ‘the everyday’ gets attributed to in existing spatial notation systems – as, for example, the architectural floor plan. The cartopological map acts as a research instrument to explore and document ‘place’ and the ‘everyday’ during intensive periods of fieldwork and guide the participant-observations. 

 The Cartopology Institute consists of four components, each born out of a specific need:

Library’, A growing library and archive;
Calibration’, educational programs for students architecture, anthropology, and everything in between; 
Correctionville’, A returning two-day event where cartopologists meet;
Cabinet’, a traveling cabinet to support anyone who has an (external) impact on the development of a place.

This platform is set up by Marlies Vermeulen and grows along with developments in the institute. Therefore, some pages are always under construction.
Thanks to Dear Hunter and the Lectoraat AOK for allowing space and time for setting up the Institute of Cartopology.