a cabinet full of Cartopology curiosity

 *Dear Hunter owns a “larger” living container with
which Vermeulen lives on the project site to conduct
fieldwork from a participatory-observational stance.

Increasingly it appears that the value of cartopological research lies as much in producing maps as well as in introducing cartopological methods directly to decision makers. Developing and stirring up the cartopologist in one of us responsible for our environment. Rather then being physically and mentally remote of their project area the cabinet shortens that distance by becoming more receptive to and build knowledge about the project area where normally decisions are made behind desks.

 ‘Cabinet’ is a three by three meter shipping container* converted into a mini-cabinet and installed on location. The ‘Cabinet’ is there for anyone who contributes (as a non-user) to the development of that location. The cartopologist takes them on a cartopological voyage to let them formulate a better understanding of the location themselves.

More information on the first steps of the Cabinet will follow soon!