about the LIBRARY

a Library of Primer Manufactures, Forms of Expression and Cahiers

an interactive collection of cartopological knowledge

 â€˜Library’ is a growing online collection of cartopological knowledge tied to Vermeulen’s artistic doctoral research. The ‘Library’ is composed of different ‘Forms of Expression’ such as texts, exercises and fieldwork notes. The ‘Forms of Expression’ can be put together and downloaded in ‘cahiers’. As a result, the ‘Library’ develops, preserves and shares knowledge that is easy to write down but also knowledge that is hidden in the making of cartopological maps.
Maps are never as accurate as they suggest and are always incomplete. It is futile to strive for completeness and reality. However, the more interesting is the use of maps to discover and understand a place.

Primer Manufactures are semi-finished products found during expeditions to other disciplines and fields of work and support the Forms of Expression where necessary. They are photographs, pieces of text, maps, videos, nothing is too outrageous. The Forms of Expression in turn are as the word says different forms of expression that address cartopological issues. They can be exercises with manuals and a high performative character, fieldwork notes or papers and essays. And many more. About six different Forms of Expression have been worked out. In Cahiers, they are then deployed together in various compilations. For example, a Cahier might consist of various Primer Manufactures combined with Forms of Expression that you think are important at the moment. So the key is to meander through the collections, stopping occasionally, clicking ‘add to cahier’ and adding. In the end, you click on order!