‘I am getting off the train, coming from St-Gervais-les-Bains, in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, after already two days of sitting still I stretch my legs. I put my hands as high as I can and I look up. Whow, I have never seen a mountain so impressive!’

We are standing at the foot of this panoramic view of Cartopology. This wide sided angle provides an overview of the cartopological field. It does so in two manners. Firstly, a written narrative (booklet) taking you to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc and its mountains as a metaphor for this panoramic view . And secondly a drawn panorama (map) with stations containing cartopological matters contextualizing three propositions on the why, what and how about cartopology and this research project.
The two manners as well as the three propositions respond to one another. For example, the stations on the panoramic view are visualized and organized according to the three propositions and the metaphor of the written narrative takes place in a mountainous area like the panorama. I take you along, through two manners and three proposition. I invite you to enter my fascination for both mountains and cartopology, to hang around, to stray from the beaten path, to slow down and even to stand still at certain areas and enjoy the view.
On the panoramic view different areas are defined, such as the ‘Vast Steppe’ or the ‘Gran Paradiso’. Those areas cluster the stations in different forms (see legenda) treating a specific topic. So the ‘Vast Steppe’ is part of proposition two, relates to that part of the written narrative and collects for example the station ‘The Unwritten Rule of Civil Servants’ which is taking the form of a ‘Taken from the Cartopologist Life’. A description of the areas is to be found below the map.
The panoramic view contains routes (colored lines) that walk you through the stations. To find out where to start, which route is suitable to your interest and the order in which you want to approach the panoramic view, it is useful to read the propositions and the written narrative below. These will give you an insight into the stations and the different areas on the mountain-side.

On this note, I wish you a great climb and a safe expedition.
Have a great exploration,

bon voyage!