PM 001

This Primer Manufacture (PM) belongs to a collection set up by the Institute of Cartopology. The collection is an assembled compilation consisting of heterogeneous material related to cartopology in a particular way. Each PM is self-contained and simultaneously belongs to and supports the Forms of Expression.
The collection of PM’s is numbered and structured by sort, type and origin to retrieve a specific PM easier. To recognize a PM, there are two questions to answer: How does it relate to the cartopological context? and, what is the context the PM is taken from?


PM001 – MAP excerpt


drawing. Etch on paper.


appropriation of a sea monste


St Brendan’s ship on the back of a whale and his men praying in Honorius Philoponus, British Library


Sea monsters are creatures that never existed but invented and created on maps to represent the scary and unknown places in the world. 


‘Plautius mixes various legends and miracles into his narrative of the efforts to evangelize Native Americans, including an account of St Brendan’s navigation in the Atlantic, and he illustrates this account with a map of the eastern Atlantic which is decorated with a large whale on whose back St Brendan has landed.’ Chet van Duzer, Sea Monsters on Medieval an Renaissance Maps (London: The British Library, 2013) 116