PM031 – MAP – product




SORT: colored engraving

TYPE: Charente Inferieure – presentation of the region

ORIGIN: Vuillemin, Map La France Charente Inférieure, 1874, coloured engraving

This Primer Manufacture (PM) belongs to a collection set up by the Institute of Cartopology. The collection is an autonomously assembled compilation consisting of the most heterogeneous material all related to cartopology in aparticular way. Each PM is self-contained and simultaniously part of a longer chain. The status of a PM is therefore variable. Like a letter. Each letter of the alphabet exists on its own but also in combination with others.
To recognize the PM, there are two questions to answer: what does it represent (type) and how does it represent (sort).

ABOUT: The different types and sorts of drawing and information that is collected on one map.