a classic (re)-Calibration

An International Workshop to Discover Your Cartopological Method

Dear participants,

A new assignment. A new location. A new context. Every architect goes ‘to have a look’ at the project location at least once. A walk around, hanging around the place for a while and then quickly starting on a new design. The time we spend on site is marginal in relation to the whole project. However, the impact of an architect on that place should never, ever be underestimated. We determine where to build and where not to. How someone cooks and where someone sleeps. Every action or experience takes place somewhere and we, as architects, design that ‘place’. How well do we actually know these places before we design them? And, how could we explore them? 

what to expect

In this international series of lessons, we will take a closer look at different research methods, appropriate them and share them with each other through the form of reenactments. Re-enacting means: to enact (something) again. 2 : to act or perform again. 3 : to repeat the actions of (an earlier event or incident). Researchers from various disciplines have used reenactments and reconstructions to learn about material, practices, habits and much more. A reenactment is strictly speaking a depiction of an event. By imitating, you learn a lot about how someone or something works. 

what is expected from you

The course expect from you to be open minded, organized and ready to experiment.


KULeuven – Faculty of Architecture
FHAachen – Faculty of Architecture
Zuyd University – Faculty of Architecture




October 14, 2021