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Saturday 9th of April
Saturday 14th of May

The expeditions sharpen the way in which we perceive the environment around us. A different perspective results in a different view of the world around us. Both expeditions take on the role of documenting knowledge from the field in the form of maps and puts in under a magnifying glass. What does orientation mean on a map and in real life and what does distance mean in a bird’s eye view on a map and in an undulating landscape in reality? Carrying out the expeditions as public events where professionals and armatures inspire each other in an active and performative way is an experimental method for acquiring knowledge. We are not talking about cartopology but the expeditions force us to think ‘through’ cartopology.

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Cartopology encourages you to engage with the world around you using maps. Whether you are making them yourself or getting your hands on it. They broaden and at the same time narrow the view with which you consider your world and place. The Expeditionists are funded by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

1/2 expedition ORIENTATION

How is it possible that you are able to translate lines on the map into a direction? And how do you abstract the physical world around you into lines on a map? What does orientation mean on a map and in the physical world?

Come and meet us in the field where you will be challenged to navigate your way from the starting spot to our meeting place – using various types of maps. A good old fashioned ‘dropping’ with a cartopological twist. Because during and after the journey we will explore the experience and science of orientation.

2/2 expedition GEOID

Surveyors spend a lot of time observing their environment. Before digitalization, they applied specific techniques to ways to map their findings and measurements in an accurate and visual language. How did they do that? What is there to consider? And, what does a surveyor notice and what atttracks their attention? To find out, we invite you to set to work as surveyors ourselves.

Come and meet us in the field where you will to engage with your environment thought the eyes of a surveyors by learning their techniques before digitalization.

location: ATELIER PRO – Kerkhoflaan 11a 2585 JB The Hague

More information on the program will follow soon! Will you join us? Let us know via this link or via marlies.vermeulen@cartopology.institute. You will receive more practical details closer to the event.

Participation if free, with a maximum of 15 participants.