edition #01 (2021)

H X 5 0° 4 6 ’ 2 7 , 9 ” N 5 °5 0 ’ 3 4 , 3 ” E


a temporary city to discuss the (im)possibilities of mapping

Last summer, under the last sun, the first edition of CORRECTIONVILLE #01 took place. Pictures were taken and the atmosphere has been captured. Have a look at them, it might give motivate you to join the second edition the 26th and 27th of August.

visitors and participants coming back after an expedition
Fazal explaining his Base Camp
Igor at the Cartopology – Cabinet testing pens.
Searching for the border
Going to Haiti with Carolin
Presentation of Cartopology
PEER the dog making noise as a dinosaur.
The market at CORRECTIONVILLE #01