edition #01 (2021)

H X 5 0° 4 6 ’ 2 7 , 9 ” N 5 °5 0 ’ 3 4 , 3 ” E


a temporary city to discuss the (im)possibilities of mapping

Last summer, under the sun of the last summer days, the first edition of CORRECTIONVILLE #01 took place. The two days were a celebration of cartopology and map making practices. The festi-ville allowed to take the time to dive in each other’s practice and participate in it. Pictures were taken and the atmosphere has been captured. Have a look at them, it might give motivate you to join the second edition the 26th and 27th of August.

visitors and participants coming back after an expedition
Fazal explaining his Base Camp

The program of CORRECTIONVILLE #01 was filled by artists such as photographers, graphic designers, autonomous artists and theater makers, by academics such as philosophers, ethnographers and visual anthropologists, by architects mostly having a research background but also by other interesting profiles such as design thinkers or ‘map connoisseurs of the region’. 

Igor at the Cartopology – Cabinet testing pens.
Searching for the border

The program was divided in a continuous part and a part that was given a certain time and timeframe. We would talk about the discipline of cartopology, we would go out and question modes of observation, we would engage in ways of documentation, and we would actively collaborate and perform in installations. Making, doing, and thinking all at the same festi-ville.

Going to Haiti with Carolin
Presentation of Cartopology
PEER the dog sounds like a dinosaur
The market at CORRECTIONVILLE #01