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a temporary city to discuss the (im)possibilities of mapping

CORRECTIONVILLE is partly a festival, partly a conference, partly an exhibition, and partly a café with good cake. It invites and attracts people who expect to arrive at all the above-mentioned forms of gathering and sharing. A ‘festi-ville’ that celebrates maps and map-making practices in an informal and experimental setting.

The atmosphere of CORRECTIONVILLE allows taking the time for a chat, having a look at the bookshop or in one of the books of the library accompanied by coffee.

Since the earth is sphere-shaped, mapping and surveying it by using a two-dimensional grid (e.g. on paper) is impossible. As a result, the lines of the grid fail to match in some places. Correctionville is such a place in Iowa in the United States and important to surveyors in the mid 19th century.

Maps are never as accurate as they suggest and are always incomplete. It is futile to strive for completeness and reality. However, more interesting is the use of maps to discover and understand a place. This is one of the major tasks of our time: to have a better comprehension of our daily surroundings. Now, more than ever, we need to deal with the world around us with the greatest care and consideration. This is often done with the help of maps. Therefore, we should also make those maps with the greatest dedication and responsibility.


Dear Explorer, Map Maker, Wanderer,

Come along and join us! August 26th and 27th, the second edition of CORRECTIONVILLE will be build up at HX Hoogcruts. 

Save the date,
brush up your walking boots,
calibrate your compass,
bring a map and
stir up the adventurer in yourself
for a delightful two days festi-ville about
the (im)possibility of making and using maps
of all kinds and sorts.

about last year’s edition:

“The place, the people and the program: the combination of all this in a setting of ‘serious fun’ ensures a great atmosphere in which both the landscape and the map are discovered in a different light and in a way that has never been seen before, highly relevant and very approachable!”

“The most comfortable way to get out of your comfort zone!’

“From Hoogcruts we walked to Tahiti, in the wake of James Cook. The fact that we ended up at the shores of the Gulp river wasn’t a side issue – the Gulp made it possible for us to see Tahiti more clearly than we had ever imagined it.”