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a temporary city to discuss the (im)possibilities of mapping

Friday 26th and
Saturday 27th of August

Since the earth is sphere-shaped, mapping and surveying it by using a two-dimensional grid (e.g. on paper) is impossible. As a result, the lines of the grid fail to match in some places. Correctionville is such a place in Iowa in the United States and important to surveyors in the mid 19th century.

Maps are never as accurate as they suggest and are always incomplete. It is futile to strive for completeness and reality. However, the more interesting is the use of maps to discover and understand a place.

Discuss, debate and talk about cartopology:
Explore cartopologically;
Exhibit and experiment with cartopological maps and;
Practice cartopological skills.

Opens the discussion about cartopological practices, its role and urgency through lectures and talks.

Concentrates on cartopological methods to explore through walks and collective observation exercises.

Shares and exhibits cartopological maps, experiments and tryouts.

Focus on the cartopological craft by facilitating exercises and training related to documentation and observation.

There is also a market with cartopological classics, cahiers and suitable drawing materials.