virtual Cartopology

a classic (re)-Calibration

An International Workshop Drawing the Everyday Life of Virtual Work Spaces

Dear participants,

Because Of Covid-19 And Its Necessary Lockdowns The World Never ‘Took Place’ More On- Line Than Now. We Work Online, Party Online, Network Online And Also Teach Online. The Last Few Months We Have Seen More Kitchen Tables, Beds And Seats From Colleagues And Fellow Students Than Professional, Corporate And ‘Neutral’ Meeting Rooms. We Show More Of Our Homely Atmosphere Than Ever Before, At The Same Time The Public Space Is Becoming More Distant, With Literally One And A Half Meters Between Every Object, Everywhere. What Does This Mean? Because What Actually Happens Is That I Look Straight Into Someone Else’s Room Through A Virtual Window Without Being There Myself And Vice Versa. And In Meetings With Several People I See All Spaces, Neatly Stacked By Zoom, Skype, Teams,…. Like One Big Apartment Block. How Do We Deal With This As Spatial Thinkers And What Do We Have To ‘Design’ Here?  

You will be foreseen of a cartopological training kit to train yourself and become sensitive to the daily reality in these virtual spaces on the one hand and on the other you will be taught documentation skills to notate (mostly through drawing) and imagine the more tangible and embodied qualities of space. You will be asked to deal with this topic by participating in and sharing your virtual working space through doing, making, mapping and drawing those sensitivities that aren’t so clearly materialized in the virtual world. 

what to expect

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what is expected from you

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KULeuven – Faculty of Architecture
FHErfurt – Faculty of Architecture


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October 14, 2021

Want to participate? Add this (re)-calibration to your cahier and leave me a message after you finished building your cahier! (dit moet dan een verkorte versie zijn)