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Turning The Tide

Turning the Tide (TTT) is a European cooperation project, co-funded by Creative Europe, dedicated to exploring and addressing the pressing issue of climate change through the lens of artistic and cultural practices. Our project spans across five European cities, each facing unique challenges related to climate change, particularly in waterfront zones. 

TTT is a collaboration of diverse organizations and experts from various fields, united by a commitment to creating impactful and sustainable change through creative and cultural interventions. Within TTT, Dear Hunter is responsible for Cultural Mapping. By employing our cartopological approach, we’ll dive deep into the heart of communities in the cities of Gdansk (Poland), Vienna (Austria), Evoia (Greece) and Stockholm (Sweden). The maps will extend beyond physical topography and capture the emotional and personal connections people have with their environments. In doing so, we aim to create maps that reveal the intricate relationships between citizens and their rapidly evolving urban landscapes. These maps then are envisioned as catalysts for future planning and artistic inspiration, reflecting the unique character and climate challenges of each city.

For more information, check the project website:

Hunting Ground: Gdansk, Vienna, Evoia, Stockholm
Client: Creative Europe
Date: 2023-2025

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