The historic centre and the shopping area in Valkenburg have undergone a major facelift in recent years. The next step is now the redevelopment of Valkenburg-East, particularly the Walramplein-Berkelplein area. This is where housing, business activity and recreation come together, but there are still many opportunities to improve the cohesion, quality and accessibility of this area. That is why we want to develop a vision for this. How can we make the area as a whole more attractive and what are the various needs?

Dear Hunter executed research on location and guided the process from first ideas to shaping a coherent vision. In December 2021, the vision has been adopted unanymously by the City Council. In 2022, Dear Hunter assists the municipality with the development of concrete programs for the implementation of the vision. The vision can be read and downloaded via this link.

Commissioned by: Gemeente Valkenburg aan de Geul

One out of ten maps, crafted for Valkenburg-Oost (2020)