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When the municipality De Marne decided, together with residents, the province of Groningen, Wierden & Borgen Housing Foundation and many other parties, to make village Ulrum future-proof, they asked Dear Hunter to map the exiting qualities of the village and its surroundings, through the eyes of the residents.

Through a unique methodology in which frequent interviews were conducted by Remy and which were translated by drawing a map by Marlies, without her ever having seen the village itself, a unique map was created that tells the story of the village. The map was naturally recognized by the inhabitants (even better than regular maps) as the village was represented in a way that did justice to their experience. Later this map was used to look at what is needed to restore and/or manage characteristic elements and structures in a responsible and sustainable way, so that the story of the village becomes more experienceable. The map ensured that the less tangible but equally important emotional values that the villagers attributed to certain elements could be incorporated into the planning, in addition to the landscape, cultural-historical and architectural qualities.

The map can be consulted via

Hunting ground: Ulrum (De Marne, NL)
Hunting period: 2014
Client: Deel & Ulrum