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Vaeshartelt inside out

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Commissioned by Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt, we’ll live and work for two weeks from this remarkable (former) castle, nowadays a hotel and much more.

’Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt’ is in transition: the once private ‘Arcadia’, part of a whole network of estates, now functioning as hotel and conference centre, aims at opening up its doors and gardens for a more diverse public. History with a contemporary feel and welcoming everybody looking for a stay, a stroll, open-air cinema or a bbq in the garden.

Part of the transition is the renovation/renewal of the interior and the gardens. Vaeshartelt aims at a better connection between indoor and outdoor, but also between estate and surroundings. Dear Hunter is asked to map the current user experience in order to contribute to the changes, by affecting all terrains: interior design, architecture, branding, hospitality etc. 

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