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Bonjour tout le monde,

Nous sommes Remy et Marlies. Dans les prochaines semaines, nous avons le plaisir d'étudier votre environnement. Cela signifie que nous deviendrons votre voisin et voisine pour les 3 prochains mois. Nous espérons que nous pourrons apprendre beaucoup sur l'environnement et votre relation avec l'environnement lorsque nous parlerons de l'espace publique à Herstal.

Nous nous réjouissons de vous rencontrer dans la rue. N'hésitez pas de nous contacter ou de nous poser des questions, nous aimerions avoir vos nouvelles.

A très bientôt!


Time left on this Hunt

Why are we here?

For the municipality of Herstal and from Februari 21st on, we will conduct a spatial-anthropological survey on the use of Place Jean Jaurès (centre) and Place Gilles Gérard (Vottem). As a result of the survey, we will deliver proposals for improvement of them. In order to be fully immersed on location, we will live and work on site, spending about six weeks on each of the locations.

The survey in Herstal is being regarded as an extension of - and critical reflection on - the Herstal city centre masterplan, as being developed by Pluris.

Why we choose to live in a container

We do this research through what we call hunting. It’s closely related to anthropology, but instead of observing people, we observe how a place functions. It’s a process of diving into the subject and mapping the found information into atlases to explore opportunities in decision making. By living and working on-site, using cartography and constantly keeping in touch with our client, the municipality, we are able to translate our experiences directly to the decision makers. With the maps we produce, we add a rich layer of information on top of the already available information. Information about the place, experience and knowledge that is hard to make explicit, but that’s essential for the identity of a place.

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Do you have tips or questions for us? Send us a message, come by our metal hunting cabin or visit us on social media. We promise to answer your questions and have a cup of coffee ready when you want to visit.