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Roeterseiland narratives

After 15 years of developing the UvA Roeterseiland campus it’s time to reflect on what has been created and perhaps reshape & modify it to the needs and context of today. So, what is the ‘narrative’ of the campus? What does the campus mean for the multiple target groups, what are the qualities of the campus, what do we miss and what seems to be forgotten or left behind?

The UvA will host Dear Hunter and our containers from 14th of October! Come and say hi!

The two converted shipping containers of Dear Hunter will put on Roeterseiland. One container as the residence for Dear Hunter themselves and an another (smaller) container equipped as a small guest room to invite students and other guests to participate in the research project. This collaborative fieldwork will lead to a performative map that will encourage and facilitate a dialogue between different stakeholders about the use and habits of this island. This way, the map will (re)calibrate the narrative of the campus.

Time left on this Hunt
Article from newspaper Het Parool, Dec. 30th, 2019.

Be part of the hunt, give us your input


Do you have tips or questions for us? Send us a message, come by our metal hunting cabin or visit us on social media. We promise to answer your questions and have a cup of coffee ready when you want to visit. Mind that we prefer good Italian style-coffee, use non-dairy milk alternatives and cannot offer any sugar at all! 😀

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