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Border Encyclopædia

The Research Centre for Arts, Autonomy and Public Sphere, the Institute of Cartopology and Dear Hunter execute the artistic research project Border Encyclopaedia. 

Looking closely at maps of border regions, only simple lines cover the complexity, diversity and constant shifting character of the inner border of the EU member states.

Border Encyclopaedia is an attempt to generate alternatives and more rich opportunities for the lines that are normally used on maps to represent borders. 

The resulting maps should be regarded as critique & reaction and an addition to the existing ‘official’ maps of border regions. They compliment them by finding other ways, other layers, other opportunities of representing the manifestation of borders in order to create a multiplicity or pluriformity which adds up to a richer palette, thus doing more justice to the richness and complexity of border regions.

With a grid, an instrument produced and tested for this project, Border Crossing Acts (BCA’s) can be mapped to reveal multiple experiences of specific borders. Each BCA contributes to a better understanding and qualitative tangibility of the border area. Through an online platform, the BCA Navigator, individual BCA’s can be added, but also viewed and compared: it enables navigating through specific and individual border crossing experiences of EU-citizens, sorted on location and/or thematically. In this way, it forms an ever-growing pluriform representation of the productivity of Europe’s inner borders. 

In order to expand this multi-author and multi-layered alternative representation of borders within Europe, Dear Hunter visits several locations in which students and professionals can get to know it, but also contribute to it. In short workshops, each participant will conduct a BCA and use the instrument in order to map the specific border experience. In this way, participants will get a broader understanding of borders, but also add valuable BCA’s to the Navigator.

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