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Valkenburg Ontwikkelt Oost &

Valkenburg Werkt aan West

For Valkenburg Oost and West, we executed fieldwork and are now in a process of reflecting upon insights, combining them and translating them to strategic visions for both parts of the city.

The historic centre and the shopping area in Valkenburg have undergone a major facelift in recent years. The next step is now the redevelopment of Valkenburg East and West.

Valkenburg  East, particularly the Walramplein-Berkelplein area, is an area where housing, business activity and recreation come together. However, there are still many opportunities to improve the cohesion, quality and accessibility of this area. How can we make the area as a whole more attractive and what are the various needs?

Valkenburg-West is an area in which leisure and living are intertwined. Dear Hunter was asked to map the area from the perspective of the inhabitants and visitors, with the aim of arriving at a strategic future vision in which the inhabitants recognize themselves and the intrinsic qualities of the area.

We set to work on both locations, mapping the customs, habits, qualities and inconveniences. In this way we make the expertise of the inhabitants and users about the area explicit so they can be incorporated in the vision. Not by questioning, but mostly by participant observation.

For information in Dutch, please visit the project websites maintained by Gemeente Valkenburg aan de Geul: Valkenburg Ontwikkelt Oost and Valkenburg Werkt aan West.

Image, top: Stichting Beeldarchief Valkenburg 

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