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Dear policy maker, business leader or concerned and caring citizen,

  • Are you dealing with complex problems involving people and their surroundings?
  • Are you in need of a new way of looking for fresh approaches to existing urban problems?
  • Do you have the feeling there is a gap between policies and the realities ‘out there’?
  • Are you not afraid to challenge your own ideas in order to find the right questions and answers?
  • Or do you, as an active citizen, believe that it’s high time for change in your neighbourhood?

Please call us or send a message if you are in need of a Dear Hunter.

Not sure how your project could benefit from a hunt? Don’t hesitate, send a message or call us and we will happily discuss the opportunities for your case, question or ambition.

The best of all, you can call or write us in Dutch, French, German and English!

Lets explore the opportunities!

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